Concrete Bowl

23 June, 2019 1 By Misa

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I bought a Rayher Creative Cement Starter Kit a little while ago but hadn’t gotten to playing with it until the other day. It’s not a bad kit, though there’s only enough concrete for the one bowl. The plastic mould is also not ideal as demoulding the bowl was a tad difficult!

However, the instructions are easy to follow. I bought some colour pigments and used the black as I’d a definite idea of how I wanted the bowl to turn out. I did use far too much, but that’s a mistake I’ve learned from.

The process is simple: empty the concrete powder into the supplied tub, then gradually add 25ml of water. I added the pigment in after, which I’ve since discovered was wrong but I don’t think it made much of a difference to the finished article.

Unfortunately, the bowl mould doesn’t have a flat base (no idea why not) so I placed it on top of a small glass. I tried lentils to weigh down the inner mould, but that didn’t work. I utilised the lid from the tub and a second glass. Curing takes three hours. It had about two with the weight, then I removed the lid to allow the top to dry thoroughly.

As I mentioned before, demoulding was a pain. I managed it in the end by running hot water over the larger mould and cold water into the inner one. I ended up breaking this a little, but I’m not likely to use it again – too hard to remove, and I dislike the fact it doesn’t have a flat bottom.

Underside of the bowl

I used gold acrylic paint on the inside of the bowl, then then I sealed the whole thing with Mod Podge. This left it feeling a little plastic-y, sadly. I’ll have to get some varnish suitable to using with concrete.

Overall, I had a lot of fun and plan on playing further. There are finer concretes that are intended for jewellery that are paler and will take the pigment better. I’ve some silicone moulds that’ll work better than the plastic one did. So watch this space!